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    HOME - the "front door" to our website with introductory information about our holiday accommodation.
    ACCOMMODATION - more detailed information about the accommodation in the cottage.

    • Accommodation Details VIEWS - some photos of the views to be seen from within the cottage as well as from the garden.

    HOW TO FIND US - a map of Scotland showing the location of Lochcarron on the west coast together with written details of travel by road, rail and air.

    PRICES - details of our weekly rates for renting our cottage
    • Terms & Conditions - our booking terms including details of how to place a booking, how much deposit is required, when the final balance is due, methods of payment, etc.
    CONTACT US - all our contact information including an on-line enquiry form.
    • Confirmation Page - this page appears automatically when you have sent us an on-line enquiry and enables you to verify the information you have sent. Otherwise, you have no need to access this page.

    TOURIST INFO - information for visitors to Lochcarron and the surrounding areas of Wester Ross, Lochalsh and the Isle of Skye.

    USEFUL LINKS - a list of links to other websites providing tourist information

    SITE MAP - as it says on all good location maps, "You Are Here"!
A view of "Wellington's Nose", a well known Lochcarron landmark, as seen from the drive near to Gardener's Cottage.

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Provisions for Your Stay
Our local Spar shop (Lochcarron Food Centre) will deliver an initial supply of groceries and provisions at the beginning of your stay on request. Obtain an order form .....